Guimaras: Mangoes and More

If you haven't heard of Guimaras, here are two fast facts about the place: first, Guimaras is the smallest and youngest province in Western Visayas, Philippines; and second, its most popular produce are mangoes.

Guimaras is located between the islands of Panay and Negros and used to be part of Iloilo Province. In 1992, it separated from Iloilo and became a full-fledged province. A few days ago, I spoke at the Women of Wisdom National Conference in Iloilo City hosted by the Church of the Nazarene and on its last day, we had an outing in Guimaras. Fortunately, the Manggahan Festival was still ongoing and we had a taste of the famous Guimaras Mango. By the way, the province is a Special Quarantine Zone for Guimaras Mango. That means, entry of fresh mango fruits, seeds planting materials and/or any part is prohibited.

The Manggahan Festival is a two-month long celebration from April to May, culminating with special events at the Provincial Capitol Proper in the Guimaras capital of Jo…

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